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Glass Bell Cloche – 8.5″ x 11″Easter Decorations

A cloche is the perfect choice for Easter decorations, especially an Easter centerpiece for your table. You may be saying, how the heck do you say that and what the heck is it?

Well, it is pronounced (kl?sh) with a long “o” sound. Traditionally, a cloche is a glass, bell shaped cover placed over outside plants to protect them from frost and other weather elements. Another way they were used was by adding a base plate the bell cover would fit over. Food was placed on the plate and the cloche would cover it to keep it warm. The restaurant industry uses “cloches” made from stainless steel to keep a guests food warm while delivering it.

Today, in addition to their traditional uses, we find cloches in use as decor for the home — displaying a treasured item(s) and on buffets tables to name a couple. They come in different shapes in addition to the traditional bell shape. They are really very popular and fun to decorate with.

Ideas for Easter Decorations – Centerpiece Cloche

Using a cloche or a take on the idea of a cloche opens the door to lots of ideas for Easter decorations. In the evolution of the cloche, it now comes in many shapes, sizes and made from lots of different materials than just glass. Chose one that fits with the style you are going for in your holiday decor or one in the style you decorate your home.

It’s easier to explain with examples. Below are just a small sampling of the cloches available out there. Keep in mind when searching that not everyone uses the term “cloche” to describe the item, as I have. And, items like covered cake stands and covered cheese boards are actually cloches too! Here are a few I really like:

The above three cloches give you an inkling of all the different types available (more below). The first is a small cloche. This is perfect for displaying a special treat or item. The photo shows a cupcake but you could also display an Easter egg or small bunny figurine on a bed of Spanish moss when it comes to Easter decorations. It’s entirely made of glass so it is food safe, but do watch out as some styles won’t be compatible with food so you won’t be able to use them on a buffet.

The second is a cloche on a pedestal as well but it introduces metal in the base. It’s sort of a vintage look I love! The contrast between the shiny glass and the worn, old looking metal is just very appealing to me. the best of both worlds. With this particular cloche, I wouldn’t display food. There may be lead or other undesirable elements used in making it. Better safe than sorry!

The third is actual a set of 2 — a medium and small size. The base is actual slate and can be written on in chalk if you want. These two are food safe so you can use them on a buffet table as well. These two are versatile. I like the idea of setting up a vignette (grouping) for the Easter holiday suing them both as well as some other fun holiday decorations.

Other Styles of Cloches for Easter Decorations

I mentioned above that there are other style of cloches besides the traditional glass. Below are a few that would look awesome when decorated up for Easter.

Not all cloches come with a base as the traditional ones weren’t made with them. They are the dome piece only which gives you some leeway in what you are covering. You can make some of your decorations extra special visually by covering them with a cloche.

What to put Under/In the Cloche for Easter

Just a few ideas that will get you kick started as you are deciding what to use when making Easter decorations from your cloche.

  • bird figurine on bed of Spanish moss
  • bunny figurine on bed of Spanish moss
  • Easter egg on bed of Easter grass
  • Easter egg in an egg holder
  • Bird’s nest with eggs
  • an Easter Lily
  • Peeps

and so much more. You can actually let your kids help you create a little Easter “scene” that can then be covered by the cloche. If your cloche is made of wire, consider adding silk or real ivy trailing down from the top for a bit more texture and dimension.

If you get a cloche, you will use it over and over again. Whether you are decorating for different holidays or in just your regular home decorating. You can go wrong with a cloche! Enjoy your new Easter decorations.

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  1. Susan says:

    Well, I certainly have used plenty of cloches in my garden, but now I have new ideas for decorating with them. Easter is such a pretty decorating time. Using cloches as the accents for the Easter decorations is a great idea.

  2. Cynthia says:

    What a wonderful idea! I have seen them used to cover food before, but never as part of a decorative centerpiece.

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